Amnesia Shooting Line Monofilament Fl. Green and Fl. Red

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Amnesia makes a great transition between stiff Maxima and sighter in Euro-nymphing leaders. I use 12 lb Amnesia as a substitute for the 15 lb Suffix that was shown in my leader formula in our film Modern Nymphing.

It is highly visible and can help you locate your sighter on the water. Alternatively, if you want a full high visibility leader you can make the entire butt section from Amnesia and add sighter to the end to complete your Euro-nymphing leader.

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2 Reviews

Uriel Feb 12th 2018

Amnesia shooting line

great product, no line memory I’ve used it for years ,but only found limited sizes until I found tactical Flyfisher !

michael Jan 31st 2018

Great for euro leaders.

Good price and fast shipping. Has sizes and colors that are hard to find anywhere.

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