We are now proud sellers and distributors of Orientsun fly hooks

I'm constantly searching for better barbless fly hooks. As a competitor, it's a vital part of my direct connection to fish that I hope to put in the net and any advantage I can get is vital whether I'm competing or just having fun on the water. There have been a lot of new hook companies starting up over the last several years. I've fished as many as I could get my hands on and some have very good quality hooks while others have been very poor. In fact, I participated in a kickstarter recently but donated the hooks that came from it to a TU club after I tied some flies on the hooks and found that their points and wire were soft and they bent out or became dull with any rock they touched.

However, as I said there have been some very good finds as well. One of those finds was Orientsun fly hooks. I started fishing these hooks back in April of 2017. I used them in the Casting For Hope competition in North Carolina and continued to tie and fish on them afterward. I have been very impressed and most of the flies I tied for the Fly Fishing Team USA regional this last weekend in Wyoming were tied on Orientsun hooks. It's not common for me to make wholesale switches before competitions to new products but I have found their points to be reliable and their shapes to be very good at holding fish.

The other exceptional thing about these hooks is their price. I routinely hear from customers that they want to try competition barbless hooks but they find it hard to swallow the $8-9 price tag for a pack of 25 for the better brands. Orientsun hooks are the perfect antidote to the issue. For a pack of 25, the jig hooks in their range are only $5.95 and the rest of their hook models are only $5.75. I hope you'll give their hooks a shot. I think if you do that you will have success similar to what I've experienced.

We are also now the USA distributors for Orientsun fly hooks. If you are a fly shop and are interested in carrying these hooks in your store, contact me at info@tacticalflyfisher.com for dealer arrangements and pricing.

To get as many people to experience these hooks as possible, we are currently offering 10% off their already low prices until July 31st. Enter orientsun10 at checkout to receive the discount after placing any of the Orientsun hooks in your cart. Add to cart buttons are available below to take you directly to Orientsun hooks.

The 5240 wide gap jigs are probably the most popular hook in the Orientsun lineup. It is a great substitute for the Hanak 450 superb jig. They hold fish exceptionally well. I try and use sizes 16-18 for fish less than 18-20" and the 5230 for larger fish.

The 5230 is a great jig hook with an upturned point that holds fish very well.

The 7224 is an excellent substitute for the Hanak 230. I've been very happy with the wire and fish holding properties of this hook so far.

The 7246 is my new favorite streamer hook. I use it for all of my stonefly nymphs as well and many of my fish in the river session in last weekend's Fly Fishing Team USA regional were landed easily on this hook.

The 7259 is a great substitute for the Tiemco 2499 SPBL.

The 7252 is a good choice for Czech nymphs, scuds, and caddis larvae when lighter wire and better hook penetration are desired

The 7251 is a good choice for Czech nymphs, scuds, and caddis larvae when heavier wire for larger fish is required.

The 7216 is a good crossover hook that can be used for high floating dry flies or light wired nymphs.

The 7214 is a good choice for dry flies like cdc patterns where lighter wire is desired for flotation.

The 7218 is designed for Klinkhammer style patterns where you want a portion of your hook bend hanging below the surface.

The 5220 is a direct substitute for the Hanak 400 jig.