Cortland Competition Nymph Rod

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This is a great rod to get started with for European nymphing. The rod is available in 4 lengths and weights including the 10' 3 wt, 10' 4 wt, 10' 6" 3 wt, and 10' 6" 4 wt.

Free Tactical Fly Fisher European-leader with the purchase of any model. Add the leader of your choice to your cart after adding the rod and the leader discount will be applied at checkout.

These rods balance well in the hand, despite the extra length, which reduces swing weight and arm fatigue. The soft tip loads well with light leaders and flies and protects fine tippets. The long lengths aid in casting Euro nymphing rigs and provide extra leverage for fighting large fish.

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4 Reviews

Rich F Aug 4th 2018

First Crack at Euro-nymphing

I am brand new to Euro-nymphing and this is my first such rod. I ordered it based on a recommendation from my son who owns the same rod. I've used it a couple times and I'm really happy with it's performance. I'm able to cast an adequate distance fairly accurately and get good drifts through the runs I'm targeting. I like the long length which aids in casting. I also like the supple tip which loads easily to lob the weighted nymphs. I've been using 5X tipped each time so no worries on breaking fish off. The rod is simple but attractive. Nice grip and reel seat. Good quality. An excellent value for $250.

Kou Jan 22nd 2018

Cortland Comp Nymph MKI Rod

Although I would much rather be posting a review on the performance of this rod instead of the quality of customer service Cortland Line Co provides. I have not had the luxury of testing the form and function of the 10'6 3wt Cortland Competition Nymph MKI I recently purchased.

In a world where first impressions are almost everything. I have to honestly report that my first impression of the build quality of the Cortland rod I recieved ranks pretty close to terrible. Upon receipt of my new rod I immediately found that 6 of the 12 rod guides have been terribly installed and where misaligned, a number of the guides where tilting in opposite directions. I understand, that this coud happen with any manufacturer, and I could just chalk this up to possibly me just getting the one bad egg of the batch. However, I have owned my fair share of rods from other manufacturers within the same price category and have yet to experience this.

I can say that Cortlands customer service has been very responsive to date and I do appreciate the service they have provided thus far.

So instead of enjoying the time on the water experimenting with my new rod. I now have to send the rod back to Cortland for their tech departments evaluation. So effectively to date I've paid over $300 for a $250 rod, that I may not yet get replaced.

I think moving forward I'll be adhering to the good old philosophy of "buy once, and cry once" and shall stick to companies with higher qualty control standards such as Sage.

I would like to add that my review of this product is strickley pertaining to the rod itself and not Tacticalflyfisher has been very responsive to my requests and I'm thankful for their assistence in helping me sort this out.

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