Devin Olsen's Quilldigon

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One of my favorite perdigons. It's a go to whenever small mayflies are hatching or in the drift. 

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1 Review

Jeff Arthur Mar 19th 2019

Devin Olsen's Quilldigon

This for me is one of those flies that if someone was to ask what are the top 3 flies you can't live without this would be right at the number one spot. It simply catches fish everywhere I've taken it in Colorado. This outperformed any other micro-sized midge I threw out in Cheesman Canyon a few weeks ago in a Size 16 and a silver 2.5mm inverted bead (my goto size and weight). It's super easy to tie, and just a great looking fly. Tie it, or buy it just make sure you have a few in the fly box because for a baetis imitation I haven't found anything else that works nearly as good as this fly.

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