Flybox UK Eggstacy egg yarn chenille

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Don't like tying glo bugs? Well now it couldn't be simpler with Flybox UK's Eggstacy egg yarn chenille. Simple wrap and snip. That's it. 

The colors are shown wet because they will darken in the water.

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8 Reviews

Don Aug 20th 2018

Hoping it's a game changer

I am an unashamed egg slinger who fishes for migratory trout in the fall and spring. An egg is on my rig probably 50-60% of the time. Again, no shame. With that said, I've not actually fished with eggstacy yet, but I lie awake at night praying it will be a game changer for me, meaning my catch rates will stay where they're at, and my time at the vice ttying eggs will drastically decrease! I love slingin' em, but I, like a lot of people, get bored of tying them. This material's calling card is/will be how quickly it wraps into an egg-looking orb. So, I'm hopeful and anxious to try this material in a variety of colors this fall and springs. I love yarn and mcfly foam, but I don't always like spending time cookin' up egg patterns.

Brian Carter Jul 24th 2018


Would have liked to write a review on this material...but got mop bodies in my order instead of eggstacy! But have worked with this material before and really like how easy it is to work with

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