Flybox UK Eggstacy egg yarn chenille


Don't like tying glo bugs? Well now it couldn't be simpler with Flybox UK's Eggstacy egg yarn chenille. Simple wrap and snip. That's it. 

The colors are shown wet because they will darken in the water.

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Travis Rothfortune Oct 7th 2018

Easy Eggs

Very easy to use and makes realistic egg flies quickly. Great color selections!

Bret Haas Sep 3rd 2018

Life saver

The egg is the only damn fly I struggle to tie. I have tried every product to try and get perfect eggs and just struggle to get the shape I want. This eggstacy yarn makes it so easy to tie perfectly shaped eggs. Adding a bead and covering it with the yarn makes it sink and look like a natural. Love this stuff and each package gives you enough for a life time supply.

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