Front End Loader Caddis

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This is my favorite dry for light dry dropper work and one of my first patterns accepted under Umpqua's Signature Tyer program. You can read about its history and how I use it on my blog at

Tied by Umpqua Feather Merchants. 

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3 Reviews

Jason Griffith Oct 16th 2018

Great all around dry fly.

Have caught a ton of trout on this. Great in the smaller sizes on faster small water. Stays high through riffles and catches a lot of fish tumbled through gradient into a pool. Love it. Absolutely my go-to on the Caddis side of my fly box.

Jim Wilkins Jun 22nd 2018

Front End Loader Caddis

I bought one and there are three things i really like about the Front End Loader Caddis. 1) I can see this farther then I can throw it. Very visible 2) It floats like a cork. 3) The fish in the little creek I fished near my home fought over the right to catch themselves on it. It's one of Devin's confidence flies and for good reason. I'll be ordering more.

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