Masu Water Worms

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New more durable formula for 2019.

These worms from Masufly are very unique and the perfect material for squirmy worms. They have different colors then you can find in any other brands.

They come in 2 mm diameter which is similar to other squirmy materials but some colors also come in 1 mm diameter which make perfect micro worms in sizes 16 and 14. The bag is also stuffed with material so you'll get more worms per bag.  

Water Worms are made from TPE which is a soft, rubbery material initially produced for medical and dental applications.  The material is UV stable and environmentally friendly.Wrapping TPE around a hook shank or tightly binding the material is not recommended as the material migrates over time when continuously stretched and can break or split. It is best to from 3-5 humps on the back of the hook shank that are bound to the shank with thread instead of wrapping the material around the shank.
Dye, pigments and glitter can all be used with TPE however bright/transparent colors can bleed so flies should be stored separately.
Tapered ends and other shapes can be achieved by holding the material over a heat source (flame or heat gun) and gently pulling apart as the material melts.  We recommend tapering and shaping the material prior to attaching to the hook.
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1 Review

Phil Jul 25th 2018

1mm masu worms

This material falls apart when you wrap it on the hook. For some odd reason it disintegrates even though I don't use any glues or resin.

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