Modern nymphing: European Inspired Techniques DVD (featuring Devin Olsen and Lance Egan)


In this DVD, Lance Egan and I share the European inspired nymphing techniques that have helped us to be successful in the world championships as well as in competitions at home. Our friend Gilbert Rowley at Capture Adventure Media has produced a video that is not only instructional but exciting and entertaining to watch. 

Specific topics covered include:

  • The pros and cons of European vs. suspension/strike indicator nymphing
  • European nymphing gear and rigging
  • Casts for European nymphing
  • The execution - fishing and detecting strikes upstream, up and across, and down and across
  • Fourteen confidence flies from Devin and Lance

The film was shot on six public rivers in Utah, Idaho, and Oregon.

You can also watch the trailer and purchase the film via digital download at

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13 Reviews

John Holler Mar 1st 2019

Euro Nymphimg DVD

Very informative and well presented Going to give Euro style a serious try this season

Derin Jul 11th 2018

Good, informative, and inspiring video

I saw this video once, and I felt confident enough afterwords to purchase the right equipment for the job. Now I’m looking forward to trying what I learned. Instructional videos can’t get much better than that!

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