OrientSun 7224 Barbless Nymph Hook

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These are fantastic nymph hooks. Great quality steel, a shape that holds fish very well, and an affordable price. I've been substituting this hook for the Hanak 230 since April 2017 and have been very happy with it.

  • 1x strong wire
  • Upturned point
  • Standard shank length
  • 25 hooks per pack

Note: OrientSun labels this hook a dry fly and nymph hook but the wire is too heavy for most dry fly applications in my opinion. Currently available in sizes 8-16 but 6 may be added in the future.

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Hook size 6-16 *

2 Reviews

Alex Argyros Mar 28th 2018

OrientSun 7224 Barbless Nymph Hook

These are, indeed, superior hooks. They are at least as good as more expensive competition-type hooks, with the capacity to penetrate and grip superbly. I only wish that they came in smaller sizes.

Jeff Sep 26th 2017

Orientsun 7224 Barbless nymph hooks

I gave these a shot based upon Devin's comments and found his statement to be absolutely true. The shape of these hooks hold on to fish. They are very sharp and penetrate with little effort. Combined with the inverting tungsten beads they ride hook up and hold fish. Thanks Devin!

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