Riberfly Barbless All Around Hook 525BL (50 hooks)

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A really unique wide gap nymph hook from Riberfly of Spain. Sticky point!

50 hooks per pack

available in sizes 10 all the way to 24!

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Hook sizes 10-24 *

2 Reviews

Mike Dec 13th 2017

riberfly hooks

Like the guy in the other comment said, they do smoke em !

Ian Sep 27th 2017

New favorite all purpose hook

Used this hook in a size 16 with a 3mm slotted bead to get down quick. Inverted the hook to increase the gap and also left the hook standard to drift naturally. (Not like a jig) now I was concerned by not inverting this hook with the 3mm bead because of the large space it took up in the gap. However, this hook SMOKED the fish. Inverted or not this hook does have a wide enough gap to hold fish extremely well. The point is indeed VERY sticky. Best feature is the sizing. Hook sizes down to 24? Yeah, that's perfect! Especially for my smaller tailwater patterns. A lot of the time I'll use even something as small as a 26 or 28, but you can get smaller sizing if your fly by not tying to the bend. Fantastic hook!

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