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I've been fishing a prototype of this rod since last summer (2016). I firmly believe it is one of the top Euro nymphing rods on the market today. Despite the extra length at 10' 8" and 11' 3", these rods still balance very well in the hand. 

Note: The models I have ordered have downlocking real seats specifically to improve rod and reel balance and reduce swing weight.

To feel what’s happening below the surface is a breathtaking sensation. T&T’s new Contact series nymph rods transfer every vibration from fly to fingertips. Contact rods utilize T&T’s proprietary StratoTherm resin, resulting in extremely light-weight and responsive rods that maintain superb durability and strength.
Flexible but quick-dampening rod tips nearly eliminate shock waves in the leader after each cast, allowing flies to track smoothly into the water, improving strike detection on immediate reaction bites. All Contact rods feature a strategic taper that generates positive hook-setting tension with minimal rod sweep, permitting anglers to effectively fish an increased range of rod positions and angles and cover more water with less wading.

Free Tactical Fly Fisher European-leader with the purchase of any model. Add the leader of your choice to your cart after adding the rod and the leader discount will be applied at checkout

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3 Reviews

Dennis Westover Jun 11th 2018

T&T Contact Nymph Rod

Purchased the T&T 11'3" 3 wt Contact Nymph Rod to get into European Nymphing. Just recently had time and opportunity to fish the rod. I'm learning ESN so I'm sure the rod is capable but casting a level line and long leader is a steep learning curve for a traditional flycaster. I typically encounter stream conditions that don't necessarily lend themselves to ESN and a level line. I purchased an additional spool and a Rio Trout LT 3wt double taper line for indicator nymphing on the big western rivers I typically fish. This combination is easily the finest rod/line combination for indicator nymphing I have fished in my more than 50 years of fly fishing. The rod is easily capable of hooking, playing and landing trout up to 24' even in swift current situations. The rod is accurate, light in the hand, well balanced and super sensitive - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

James Jun 2nd 2018

Amazing Rod and Service

I am not big on writing reviews but just got my T&T rod and wow it’s amazing. Devin was also super helpful answering some questions I had when trying to decide between a few different options and I appreciate that. It’s pricey for sure but it’s worth every penny if you are dedicated to Euronymphing and want to take that next step in your fishing and gear. Also buying from Devin is not just about purchasing top of the line gear but also having his pro expertise, all the T&T rods he sales come with down locking seats and this is huge when trying to find that perfect balance. This knowledge and attention to detail and passing that along to customers is what keeps me coming back.

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