Umpqua Indicator Tippet

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Pink and yellow alternate in 24" segments, allowing you to see easily when fish strike without requiring the use of a traditional attached indicator. This is a very bright and easily visible sighter material in a variety of diameters. While this sighter is more expensive than some others it actually is much cheaper by the foot because there is a full 30 yds of tippet on the easy to use spool.

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Alpine_umpqua_indicator tippet

1 Review

Jim Wilkins Jun 13th 2018

Umpqua Indicator Tippet

This stuff is a sight for my "aging" eyes. Pink and's visible for me in a variety of lighting and water conditions. Devin carries a number of sighter materials that have helped keep track of where my flies are on each drift. Enough material to make several dozen sighters.

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