Dohiku HDN 302 SP jig/nymph hook

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This hook is a cross between a jig hook and nymph hook and is one of Dohiku's most well known models. It's shape and upturned point holds fish well.

  • Medium wire
  • Available in sizes 12-18
  • 25 hooks per pack

Measured total hook lengths are:

  • #12 = 13.5 mm
  • #14 = 12.62 mm
  • #16 = 9.6 mm
  • #18 = 8.6 mm
  • #20 = 8.0 mm
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4 Reviews

Hugh Jan 23rd 2023

Nice hook

I recommend you give these hooks a try. I’ve used the 302 SP hooks in sizes 18-20 last fall and this winter for small emerger style perdigons and tiny egg tied with small beads and Soldarini’s 5 mm egg yarn. The 5mm yarn on an 18 hook works extremely well for tiny eggs in low water clear streams. It ties a nice round egg and fooled quit a few 5-6 lb browns. I have yet to have a hook bend or break on the bigger fish. It has good hooking ability and it seems like I miss far less fish with this hook. When no weight is advantageous, a small glass bead can be added and that will keep the yarn away from hook eye and helps when whip finishing and threading you tippet.

Jeff Mar 17th 2022


I've been fishing Dohiku (301, 302 SP, J, 644) exclusively since early summer 2021. I have yet to have a hook bend or break.

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