Dohiku HDN 302 SPR light wire jig nymph hook

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A lighter wire version of the popular jig/nymph SP hook. The light wire is designed for increased hook penetration when fishing light tippet. 

Available sizes 12-16

25 hooks per pack

Measured total hook lengths are:

  • #12 = 12.6 mm
  • #14 = 11.4 mm
  • #16 = 9.9 mm
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1 Review

Boden Nov 6th 2019

Sticky, but questionable strength

I decided to try these hooks in size 12. They are ultra sharp and with the light wire it takes very little force to get a proper hookset. However, even when fighting medium sized fish (14" - 17") these hooks started to straighten out on me and I had to reform the curve/bend with my pliers after each fish. That said, I'm reluctant to continue using them in fear that they will straighten out on larger fish. Back to thicker wire hooks for me.

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