Orientsun 5230 Barbless Upturned Point Jig Nymph Hook

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These are very good barbless hooks. They have great quality steel, a shape that holds fish, and an affordable price. The 5230 is a good substitute for the Hanak 400 but it has an upturned point that holds fish better. I've had very good success with this hook in competitions thus far.

  • Medium wire
  • Standard shank length
  • Sizes 10-18. The smaller sizes are about a half size larger than labeled.
  • Upturned point
  • 25 hooks per pack

Measured total hook lengths are:

  • #8 = 18.1 mm
  • #10 = 15.8 mm 
  • #12 = 14.3 mm
  • #14 = 12.8 mm
  • #16 = 10.9 mm
  • #18 = 9.6 mm
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2 Reviews

Xavier Oct 10th 2021

Great Hooks for the Price, but..

These hooks are great, affordable but you don't compromise in wire strength or hook size (being too large). But theres a catch, some of the points roll. I landed plenty of fish on these, but have also had numerous tips roll when setting the hook rather than going into the fishes mouth. If losing one or two fish is ok to you these hooks are great, I'll probably buy more for their value. Maybe filing the hook point down (slightly) before fishing can fix this issue! Again great hook and will buy again, but buyer beware

Taylor Apr 11th 2020

Great hooks.

I picked up a few packs of the 5230s a week or so ago. Tied up a dozen perdigons on the size 18 and fished them for an afternoon. I've been testing a variety of smaller jig hooks lately including Hanak, Firehole sticks, and Dohiku. These and Hanaks have been my favorites. They're super sharp, durable, and they hold fish well.

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