Competitive fly fishing techniques and gear for the mainstream angler.

If you've found our site then you likely love to fly fish. While fly fishermen and women like to tout that fly fishing is much more than just about catching fish (and it is), I doubt there are many of us who wouldn't like to fill the net with a few more fish each day. This site is dedicated to helping you do just that. We've lived in the world of competitive fly fishing for over ten years, where catching one more fish is often the difference between a medal and a finish in the middle of the pack. Even if you don't compete, one more fish may be just the way to cap off your day on a positive note. We often have a hard time leaving without just one more.....And you never know, that one last fish might be the one whose memory and photo hangs on your wall for a lifetime. We want to help you catch that fish and make that memory. By imparting our hard earned knowledge of domestic and foreign competition-inspired fly fishing and tying tactics, and supplying you with the gear needed to master them, we aim to make your days in the water more productive and, in turn, more memorable. We promise that the gear we sell is the gear we use. It's the gear we trust to give us a competitive edge and we believe you can trust it too.


Our Team


Devin Olsen

Founder and Obsessed Fly Fisherman

I started fly fishing at age 9. I will never forget my first day where I caught a cutthroat on an ant in the first meadow of the famed Slough Creek in Yellowstone on a hand me down fiberglass 7 weight! Though I’d been fishing with hardware since I was a toddler, that day started an addiction to fly fishing that I can't seem to shake. When I fished against Lance Egan and Ryan Barnes in the former Outdoor Life Network’s Fly Fishing Master’s in 2004, I knew I had to find a way to compete in the sport I loved. It was serendipitous that I worked with both these anglers a year later after they had made Fly Fishing Team USA. I fished in my first regional and made the team myself in 2006. The ensuing years have been more educational than I could have ever imagined and I'm as hopelessly obsessed with fly fishing today as I've ever been. This obsession has brought dedication, which has helped me to have competitive success domestically and abroad. The year 2017 marked my 9th consecutive berth as an angler for Fly Fishing Team USA in the 37th Fips Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships in Slovakia. In 2015 I was incredibly fortunate to finish with the individual bronze medal and even more fortunate to have been a part of the squad that won the first team medal (a silver) for the USA at the world fly fishing championship in Bosnia. In 2016 we followed that feat with a team bronze in Vail, Colorado. Fly fishing competitions have exposed me to tactics and techniques from incredible teammates and fellow fly anglers from across the globe. Away from competitive fishing, fish have sculpted my professional life as well. I hold a bachelor's degree in ecology and a master's degree in fisheries science and spent 3 years working as a fisheries biologist before taking on Tactical Fly Fisher as a full time business in 2017. I have a wonderful wife Julia of 12 years, a four year old son Levi whose favorite fish are bull trout, and a 10 month old daughter who shows early signs of fly fishing virtuosity. What more could a guy ask for?

Connor Murphy

Shop Manager and Co-obsessed Fly Fisherman

I consider myself one of those unfortunate souls for whom fly fishing has transcended the realms of hobby-ism or obsession and become something more of a religion. Like many kids growing up in Northern Colorado, an irresistible draw to the outdoors in general, and the mountains in particular, was something I’ve felt for as long as I can remember. Fly fishing itself has been a member of our family for generations, something solemnly passed down from the old to the young alike, the most frequently cited excuse for everyone to get away and scratch the proverbial “itch” that civilization creates. Aside from my beautiful fiancé and the rest of our family, it has insidiously become the driving force in my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  

I’ve been fortunate enough to be employed in the fly fishing industry since my early teens. I began my career at St. Peters Fly Shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, working there through high school and college. My time at St. Peters allowed me to begin my guiding career, teach everything from casting to euro nymphing to entomology and to interact with one of the fishiest communities in America. After receiving my bachelors in Fisheries Biology from Colorado State University in 2017, I began guiding summers for Dave Duncan and Sons in Alaska while working shoulder seasons in Colorado and doing my best to live up to the trout-bum-ideals of my youth in my free time.

Devin and I first met through the competitive fishing scene while I was in high school. Our friendship bloomed out of a mutually rabid interest in salmonids and our work together on Devins master’s thesis at CSU (funny how long days elbows-deep in fish slime will do that…). Since then we’ve shared countless days on trails and waters all over the world. I have been managing the shop here at TFF and running our guiding operation since the autumn of 2019.