Amnesia Monofilament


*** Red Amnesia is currently experiencing some production issues and is not available. We do not know if or when it will be available again. 

"Amnesia makes a great transition between stiff Maxima and more supple sighter materials in euro-nymphing leaders. I use 12 lb Amnesia as a substitute for the 15 lb Suffix that was shown in my leader formula in our film Modern Nymphing. Alternatively, if you want a full high-visibility leader you can make the entire butt section from Amnesia and add sighter to the end to complete your Euro-nymphing leader."   - Devin 

Amnesia has been a fixture in the angling community for decades. It has long been, and continues to be, one of the most unique monofilaments on the market today. While it's moniker might lead you to believe Amnesia's most attractive quality is it's memory-free nature post stretch, it's really its uniquely fluorescent, glowing, quality that has made it infamous amongst anglers. Not only does it pop like a neon sign on the water but it knots together with stiffer monofilaments wonderfully and has phenomenal abrasion resistance as well. Outside of building leaders, Amnesia makes great butt sections on fly lines and excellent running lines on two-handed outfits. 

- 100 meters per spool  

Diameters are as follows:

  • 6 lb = 0.23mm/0.009"
  • 8 lb = 0.28mm/0.011"
  • 10 lb = 0.31 mm/0.012"
  • 12 lb = 0.34 mm/0.013"
  • 15 lb = 0.41 mm/0.016"
  • 20 lb = 0.50 mm/0.020"
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16 Reviews

Allan Mackey Sep 6th 2021

Amnesia Monofilament Fl Green

The Amnesia FL Green 12Lb line exceeds expectations as an easy to see sighter while Euro Nymphing. A blood knot is best to attach a 12" sighter to a Maxima leader and a tippet ring for convenience. Cheap, effective and highly visible!

Neil James Rose Aug 11th 2021


Great line and the price is right.

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