Amnesia Shooting Line Monofilament Fl. Green and Fl. Red


Amnesia makes a great transition between stiff Maxima and sighter in Euro-nymphing leaders. I use 12 lb Amnesia as a substitute for the 15 lb Suffix that was shown in my leader formula in our film Modern Nymphing.

It is highly visible and can help you locate your sighter on the water. Alternatively, if you want a full high visibility leader you can make the entire butt section from Amnesia and add sighter to the end to complete your Euro-nymphing leader.

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Daniel L Roth Dec 18th 2020

Great Stuff!

I used 12 lb. green amnesia while making euronymphing leaders and it works great and is easily visible.

Roger Stover Aug 11th 2020

Foundation of my euro nymphing leader

After intense euro nymphing for the past 18 months (well over 100 outings) I have greatly simplified my leader. I now use about 15-18 feet of 8lb green Amnesia, super glue spliced to my Cortland level braid core fly line, followed by 4-6 ft 3x two color sighter terminating with a small tippet ring. To this I add 6-8 ft of 5x Stroft GTM as tippet. On my local river, the Lower Yuba, this has proven to be very effective, and the Amnesia makes it super easy to see my line in any light.

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