Backflop Jig streamer fly tying tutorial

This is my favorite pattern to fish as a streamer on a Euro-nymphing leader. With this method you can dead drift, jig, horizontally jig, or stall the streamer in front of trout for as long as you want. This results in more committed takes from trout instead of the chases and missed short strikes that can be common when casting and stripping streamers.

I tie this pattern overweighted, compared to nymphs, to get it to depth and keep it there between jigging motions. It is slim compared to a lot of streamers to aid in its sink rate but the zonker strip still provides movement that suggests it is alive. I tie the pattern in black, olive, and natural/tan to see which color the trout prefer on the day.


Hook: size 8-12 jig hook. I use the Dohiku jig but we have lots of other good options as well.

Dohiku HDJ Jig Hook (10)

Hanak 400 BL Jig Hook (8)

Soldarini S500 Jig Hook (10)

Bead: Tactical Fly Fisher Slotted Tungsten Bead or Inverting Tungsten Bead

Tactical Fly Fisher Slotted Tungsten Beads 50 Pack (Gold, Silver, Copper, Black Nickel, and Unfinished Tungsten) (Silver, 3.8mm)

Tactical Fly Fisher Inverting Tungsten Beads 50 Pack (Gold, Silver, Copper, Black Nickel and Unfinished Tungsten) (4.0 mm, Silver)

Weight: 0.025" or 0.030" lead wire or 2-3 Tactical Fly Fisher Countersunk Tungsten Beads superglued together behind the main bead and buried under the dressing

Lead Wire (.025")

Tactical Fly Fisher Countersunk Tungsten Beads 50 pack (Gold, Silver, Copper, and Black Nickel) (black nickel, 2.8)

Thread: Uni 8/0 thread. I use black, olive dun, rusty dun, or tan depending on the fly color. 

UNI 8/0 Midge Thread (Black)

Tail and body: Narrow width zonker strip. I use the pine squirrel, mink, or micro rabbit strips we have on the site.

Hends Muskrat Zonker Strips (2.5 mm, Black - 09)

Troutline Pine Squirrel Strips (Black)

JMC Micro Rabbit Zonker Strips (Noir/black)

Wapsi Micro Pine Squirrel Zonkers (Natural)

Body flash: Hareline Medium UV Polar Chenille in black, olive dun, or gold depending on the fly color.

Hareline Medium UV Polar Chenille (UV Black)

Hackle collar: Hareline India hen, Nature's Spirit whole hen saddle, or Whiting Brahma hen colored to suit the fly

Hareline India Hen Back (Black)

Nature's Spirit Whole Hen Saddle (Black) Whiting Brahma Hen Saddle Hackle (Mottled olive)

Dubbing collar: Hareline Ice Dub

Hareline Ice Dubbing (UV Black 11)

Tools used

Whip finisher: Dr. Slick whip finisher

Dr. Slick Stainless Steel Whip Finisher

Bobbin: Griffin Supreme Ceramic or Dr. Slick ceramic bobbin

Dr. Slick 4" ceramic bobbin

Griffin Supreme Ceramic Bobbin

Superglue: Loctite Brush On

Loctite Brush On Superglue