Our New Film Adaptive Fly Fishing is Available for Presale on Vimeo

Our new film Adaptive Fly Fishing: Strategies for Diverse Water Types is now available for presale on Vimeo. 

If you order the video from this link (or by clicking the blue button below) you can use the code earlybird at checkout between now and April 6th, 2020 to receive 20% off the purchase price of $19.99. We've tried hard to get the film ready ASAP for all of you to watch who are currently on quarantine because of the Covid-19 virus. We're still waiting on final audio and graphics but will have the film ready for the April 6th release date. There will also be a DVD version but it may be delayed because our DVD production company is in NJ and is currently closed due quarantine procedures.

For those of you who have enjoyed our Modern Nymphing videos, this new video has all the same production hallmarks of Gilbert Rowley's filmmaking and is beautiful to watch for the fishing footage if nothing else. I envisioned the film to give video support to my book Tactical Fly Fishing: Lessons Learned from Competition for All Anglers. As such, the film focuses on different water types within a river and provides strategies for when, where, and how to fish them. Lance, Gilbert, and I hope that you will enjoy the film and that it will help you have more success on the water.