Cortland Camo Euro Nymph Leader Material (camo)

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Cortlands new Euro Nymph Leader Material (ENLM) is an interesting alternative to Chameleon for leader construction. Like it's Maximillian predecessor, this is a stiff nylon that gives optimum energy transfer and a lot of turn-over power to the user. Great for either standard european leaders or technical dry fly leaders, the ENLM's most unique attribute is its variegated camouflage appearance. Ranging from familiar "chameleon brown" to translucent it makes for an aesthetically pleasing and feasibly less-fish-detectable material. The 20lb diameter of the ENLM is the same as that of 20lb Chameleon (.017in) and the ENLM is offered in a couple of sizes that fill in gaps left by other materials (14lb and 17lb for instance).



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