Cortland Euro Nymph Line Level Taper 0.022" (mono and braid cores)

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"This is my preferred line for European-nymphing." - Devin 

The 0.022" diameter line is the thinnest diameter that is legal in competitions governed by FIPS-Mouche rules. It's micro diameter and weight eliminate sag in the guides, which heightens strike detection and increases the range of which you can successfully attain a natural drift. Mono core lines are a bit easier to cast and offer the most direct connection to the fish. Braid core lines give the angler more options to connect the leader to the line (super glue splice, micro loop etc...) and are less prone to coiling. 

- Mono core comes in 'gecko' green 

- Braid core comes in two colors, chartreuse or sage green 


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6 Reviews

Mikey P Mar 11th 2021

Nice product

Super thin, makes casting easy, and floats fine for my longer casts. I’d buy again.

Joey Sisneros Jun 15th 2020

Euro nymph line

Placed the order for the mono core but braid core showed up, I understand mistakes happen and they took care of the issue very fast. Got the correct line and I’m good to go. Customer service is top notch which goes a long way these days. Definitely would order again.

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