Cortland Indicator Mono (Bi-Color, Yellow and White) 50ft Spools

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This is a wonderful indicator mono for making sighters on European-nymphing leaders. It is stiff enough to transfer casting energy and highly visible on the water. I use the smaller diameters for nymphing across the stream when dipping the sighter under the water may be desired. When nymphing upstream I pick the larger diameters and grease liberally with Payette Paste. Attach a tippet ring to the end and you can use one sighter for many trips. I use the white for clear water and spooky fish and the bicolor for most typical nymphing situations. The white mono was critical to my success in the 2015 World Fly Fishing Championships on the gin clear spring creeks in Bosnia.

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3 Reviews

Chuck Reasy Jun 2nd 2021

.012 Red\Yellow Cortland Indicator Mono

Great visibility & durability. Fished in high off color water with lots of snags. It did not break. Good stuff!

John Laudenslager Jun 20th 2020

Cortland sighter nylon, 2X, gold

Comparing this solid gold with 2X SA tricolor and Umpqua bicolor sighter nylon (tied 2' of this on with the SA and Umpqua), against my rivers' backgrounds and varying light conditions, and thru my eyes and yellow polaroids, this is as visible as the green of the others and more visible than their red, pink or white parts. I have used this 2X Cortland gold for my whole long leader line for nymphing (only) and like it very well for that.

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