Cortland Nymph Series Fly Rods

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I've had the fortune of testing prototypes and pre-production models of these rods since summer 2019. I firmly believe they punch far above their price tag. I would say unequivocally that these are the best entry level rods currently on the market. I don't think you get any upgrade in performance without going to full premium priced rods. They have updated materials which have resulted in a lighter and more durable rod than their predecessor the Competition Nymph Rod (Devin Olsen's view of these rods)

Cortland’s Nymph series fly rods were specifically designed for modern nymphing techniques. Built on a super light graphite blank which dampens and recovers quickly for exceptional feel. The low reflective, matte black finish allows for an extremely stealthy approach while providing an addition layer of protection. The down-locking reel seat combined with the composite fighting butt allows for exceptional balance and fast hook sets. Nymph Series fly rods feature over-sized light wire single foot guides for easier passage of fly line, monofilament and knots. All ferrules and guides are coated with highly durable epoxy, resisting cracks, flex stress and excessive knots. Finished with alignment dots, size specific rod bags and a protective cordura rod tube.

• 4 Piece Graphite Blank With Matte Finish
• Anodized Down-locking Reel Seat
• Dual Locking Rings
• Premium Ferrule & Guide Epoxy
• Over-sized Light Wire Single Foot Guides
• High-grade Cork
• Cork Composite Fighting Butt
• Alignment Dots
• Finished with Rod Bag and Cordura Rod Tube


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2 Reviews

Roger Stover Mar 27th 2020

Great performance and value

I had the first chance to use my 3wt Nymph Series yesterday. Wow! Really great castability and fish fighting action. While I did not buy this rod from Tactical Fly Fisher (I had a big credit at another dealer that I needed to use) I did rely on Devin’s review to a large degree. I also wrote to Cortland about the specific differences between this and the Competition model. Most of these are detailed in the description and Devin’s comments; however, here is an additional one that Cortland covered in its reply to my inquiry: the Nymph Series also features “a new guide layout incorporated into these rods reduces line sag and allows for easy passage of line/ knots.” This rod weighs slightly more than my T&T Contact of the same weight, but comes very close to matching its performance. At a fraction of the price it is an outstanding value.

Jason Mar 3rd 2020

fantastic nymph rod

I purchased the 2 weight rod based on Devin's recommendation; for the price point. Used it for the first time last week and hooked up with several winter creek rainbows. The rod is easy to cast and balanced perfectly with a Galvan size 5 reel. It was no issue landing 12-14 inch rainbows. Truthfully I was impressed with the rod, considering the price, decent grip, and very light. There's nothing bad I can say about it. This is the first Euro nymph rod I've owned and set it up with the standard leader recommended by Devin. The euro technique with this rod hooked me up with 3-4 times more fish as compared with traditional techniques. The rod is fantastic; if you're thinking about it, but it.

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