Devin Olsen's Blowtorch

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One of my top 5 nymphs pretty much anywhere around the world. Try it in your local trout stream. 

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Umpqua Blowtorch color and size *

3 Reviews

Dale Oct 14th 2020


Water is very clear and skinny in southern Utah this year here in October. The blow torch was one of the few nymphs that seem to attract the trout without scaring them off. I have not had anything very close to it in my fly box, but I will be getting more.

Daniel Halverson May 15th 2020

The Blowtorch

I recently returned from a little-known river, but that has large and wary trout in it. It can be a tricky river to fish because of the picky trout. The day started slowly with no discernible hatch going on. Finally I decided to try the peacock blowtorch fly. It, along with the Frenchie, was very successful and saved the day with double-digit fish to the net.

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