Dr. Slick Bead Tweezer

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If you are tired of losing beads or shooting them across the room while putting them on hooks then these bead tweezers are for you. A rubber sleeve combined with a countersink on the opposite jaw helps these tweezers to hold your beads securely until they are on the hook.

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3 Reviews

Gary Adams Dec 1st 2019

Dr. Slick Bead Tweezers

This is a must have tool for fly tying. Very good quality. Just got mine, wish I would have got one years ago.

Bob Sep 20th 2019

Dr Slick Bead Tweezer

Due to my age my fingers aren’t as nimble as they used to be so these tweezers are a welcome addition to my tying bench. They hold the beads securely making it much easier to control and insert the hook.

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