Fasna Competition Fly Hooks F-310 Nymph Heavy Wire (30 pack)

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The Fasna F-310 hook is designed for Nymphs and Wet Flies.

High carbon steel.
Made in Japan. 
1x strong wire.
Color: Black Nickel.
Pack: 30 pcs.

Sizes # 8/10/12/14

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2 Reviews

John Laudenslager Jun 13th 2020

Fasna F-310

I have now fished these a lot in nymphs size 16 and 14. So, lots of ticking bottom and also lots of hooking fish. The point sharpness and retention is possibly the best of any hooks I ever used. Fish holding seems good and I have yet to see a bend starting to open.

John Laudenslager Oct 1st 2019

Fasna F-310

At least as good sharpness and strength as similar Orient Sun hooks I have, and that is very good. My impression of hooking and holding ability is that it is also very good. A little more expensive than Orient Sun but you get 5 more per pack. Now my preferred hook for certain nymph patterns.

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