Firehole Sticks 516 jig hook

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Firehole's flagship jig hook, another great option for those looking to get a bunch of hooks at a reasonable price   

  • 1x wide gap
  • heavy wire 
  • 36 hooks per pack
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6 Reviews

Ray Runkle Jul 7th 2021

Every break one of these hooks?

I have used these hooks in #8, 12, and 16 for a couple of years with no complaints. They are sharp and get the job done. However, this year I have had three hooks break, two while landing big browns, and one while trying to free it from the bottom. Strangely, the hook breaks in all three cases before the 4X tippet. In two cases it broke at the jig bend, and the third broke in the middle of the hook bend. They seem to be a bit brittle, or at least this latest batch is. The breaks all come from the same box of 36 bought this spring.

Patrick Houlton Jun 28th 2021

Size 4 perfect for jig streamers

I use the size 4 for jig-style streamers for both trout and smallmouth using 4, 4.0, and 5.0 mm beads. Hook gauge is thick and stout making it perfect for streamers, and the point is sharp with no problems sticking smallies and trout.

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