Firehole Sticks 523 Long Shank Jig Hook (36 hooks)

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Perhaps the most unusual jig hook in our inventory. Great for stoneflies, leeches or any other fly that may require an extremely long shank 

  • 3x long
  • 1x gape
  • heavy wire
  • 36 hooks per pack
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2 Reviews

Joe Donati Feb 11th 2021

Firehole sticks 523

The size 8 is my go to for Pat's rubber legs. Hooks are stout and super sharp. I've landed plenty of trout on these hooks and a fair number of steelhead (MI lake run rainbows) up to 12 lbs on these hooks with no issues on quality or strength. I highly recommend them. I've tied in the neighborhood of 200 of these in the last year without a problem.

Eric G Jul 25th 2020

Firehole stick 523

Ordered these in size 6. Quantity 36. Was surprised to find 3 hooks with misformed eyes and one with severely bent shank. Would expect to see a little better quality control from Firehole. I've ordered quantities of 100 from lesser brands with better quality control.

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