Diabaetis Perdigon

See the tutorial HERE.


Devin says:

Baetis mayflies are a genus of small dark mayflies often referred to as blue winged olives in much of the fly fishing world. Whether your local river has Baetis or not, small dark mayflies are nearly ubiquitous, and they often are one of the first and last hatches of the year to get the trout excited and hard on the feed. Baetis are very important in all of the rivers and streams that I fish. 

While I have several other nymphs and perdigons that work well during  Baetis hatches, I am always searching for another pattern to rotate through depending on the conditions in front of me. I have been fishing this perdigon for a couple of years now. I have tried variations with and without the wire and hot spot but this is the recipe that has worked best for me. It is imitative enough to fool trout that are focused on drifting Baetis nymphs but the wire, the sheen of the perdigon body/tinsel, and the orange hot spot set it apart from the thousands of other nymphs that can be in the drift. I've had success with it in tough tailwaters as well as freestone rivers. I'm sure if you work it into your rotation it will bring plenty of trout to the net for you as well.