Flybox UK Eggstacy egg yarn chenille


Don't like tying glo bugs? Well now it couldn't be simpler with Flybox UK's Eggstacy egg yarn chenille. Simple wrap and snip. That's it. 

The colors are shown wet because they will darken in the water.

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Matt Weeks Jan 21st 2019


Great product. Tie with a tungsten bead & get down in a hurry. Really like it for sluggish winter steelhead. Great array of colors.

Larry Nov 4th 2018

The best egg material yet

I bought yellow and peach varieties, tied them with a tungsten bead and small amount of non-lead wrap, and put them to the test this week on a New Mexico stream. I fished a rig with both a hare's ear and then a prince nymph as the anchor fly, followed by the egg a foot below. Of the six dozen or so fish I caught over two days, all but a dozen were on the Eggstasy egg.

Incredibly easy to tie, natural-looking in the water, and productive as can be. What's not to like? For egg tiers, this is a game-changer.

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