Flybox UK Eggstacy egg yarn chenille


Unfortunately FlyBox UK has been unresponsive for several months now and not filled orders. This has left us without many of the popular colors of Eggstacy. Thankfully, we also have Soldarini Eggstacy which is an identical product other than the colors are slightly different shades. You can find Soldarini eggstacy at this link. Soldarini Egg Chenille 15mm (eggstacy) - Tactical Fly Fisher

Don't like tying glo bugs? Well now it couldn't be simpler with Flybox UK's Eggstacy egg yarn chenille. Simple wrap and snip. That's it. 

The colors are shown wet because they will darken in the water.

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Jeff Pell Feb 11th 2021

Eggstacy, Ohio tribs.

Ties great, looks great, but haven't fished with it yet. I will let you know in about a month.

Timothy Victor Nassar Jan 28th 2021

Really Good Stuff

Love the Eggsatcy yarn. Great colors, super easy to work with and they fish really well. Love it.

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