Front End Loader Caddis

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This is my favorite dry for light dry dropper work and one of my first patterns accepted under Umpqua's Signature Tyer program. You can read about its history and how I use it on my blog at

Tied by Umpqua Feather Merchants. 

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5 Reviews

Jason on Cedar Creek Sep 12th 2019

My Go-To Confidence Fly

This fly cleans house on the coastal cutthroat in my local creeks. I absolutely love it.

Dirk Hedlund Jan 2nd 2019

Amazing fly for dry-dropper work!

I busted this fly out on the Norfork River in Arkansas with a ruby midge dropped under it, the results were very surprising. I rarely fish dry flies due to the fact that I spend my time primarily on the tailwaters of Arkansas and the opportunities don't present themselves too often. My intention was to use the fly in-lieu of an indicator with a competition style euro rig, on the first drift through a riffle a trout rose and my hook set broke it off. I put another one on and after a couple drifts another willing rainbow took it and was brought to the net this time. There was no perceptible hatch going on but the trout responded in kind. Ultimately, my best fish of the day (an 18 inch cutthroat) fell victim to the Front-End Loader Caddis #12. Highly recommended and I will definitely be ordering more.

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