Frozen North Fly Fishing Chewing Gum Worm Chenille (3mm)

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This material is a soft rubbery chenille ideal for bodies and chewing gum worms. The soft material is mounted on a nano core so it can be easily stripped off to tie in. The
gum is slightly buoyant so when tied in to flies it will slow down their sink rate. This has proven very deadly when creating worm patterns. The fly sinks very slowly holding in the taking zone for longer. Use a bead for higher sink rates.

The material has a soft curl to it so any movement will kick life into the worm as the curl opens out and then returns. The chewing gum material is very lumpy giving it a more life like appearance.

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2 Reviews

Dennis Westover May 26th 2018

Chewing gum worm chenille

Amazingly effective as a bloodworm imitation in lakes or aquatic worm imitation in moving water

William Seitz Feb 11th 2018

Chewing Gum Chenille

I used this material for 3 application: (1) as a blood worm under an indicator for trout, (2) as a tail on a bobbie with a type 5 sinking line, and (3) as a san juan worm for trout and whitefish. I caught fish on all three applications. It should really turn on when the water temps get warmer.

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