Fulling Mill Grab Gape Barbless Hooks 50 Pack

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  • A great hook for both Nymphs & Dries  (*Being a 3X Short Hook, A Size #16 is Closer too a True #18)
  • -Sproat bend
  • -Down Eye
  • -Wide gape
  • -3X short
  • -Barbless & Black nickel Finish
  • -Claw point
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2 Reviews

Jonathan Aug 11th 2020

They breaks......

Had 3 size 16 and 14 hook break when fighting larger fishes that are about 18 inch and larger with a 7X tippet.

These are cheaper to buy for practicing tying or smaller fishes but not really reliable hooks.

Mike Sep 14th 2018

My entire order is first rate! I’m using these hooks for tying soft hackles. 9510bl hooks are stout enough! The fullingmill 35025 are thicker and are perfect for soft hackles . All hooks in the park must be barbless. Couldn’t be happier! The 9210 ar

Thanks again

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