Fulling Mill Jig Force Short

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Note from our staff: we would call this more of a wide gap hook and not a short shank hook. The hooks end up being larger than labeled. For example, the size 20 is in between a size 18 and 16.

A short shank wide gape jig hook. Suitable for tying all styles of “Euro Nymph” jig flies but with the added benefit of extra gape for increased fish hooking power. Ideal for slotted beads, sizes 2mm - 5.5mm.

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Fulling Mill Jig Force Short *

2 Reviews

Stan from Pennsylvania Aug 30th 2021


These hooks hold fish better than any other barbless jig hook I have tried.

Ed Williard - Virginia Apr 21st 2021

Fulling Mill Jig Force Short

Love these hooks! Have not bent out on larger fish and the 2X wide gap will definitely increase your hook to hold ratio. They run about 1 1/2 larger due to the 2X wide gap. Great value

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