Gear Keeper Net Retractor

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This is the best net retractor of all time in my opinion. I've used these retractors since I was in high school and I've never found anything as durable or with as much retraction power to keep your net where you want it. I combine it with a Tactical Fly Fisher Extra Strength magnet on the side of the net to position the net where it's ready for quick reactions. - Devin

Full 42" extension will not inhibit reach. The Gear Keeper Net Retractor works hanging on your back or on a float tube. Designed to survive extended saltwater and chlorine exposure. Spectra/nylon cord. Stainless steel spring and hardware. 60-lb. breaking strength. 12 oz retraction force. Split-ring detachable connection for net. Fly-fishing retractor tool features snap-clip attachment to vest D-ring. Made in USA.


* 'Gear Keeper' brand gear keeper shown in the product photo, you may receive a gear keeper with the Orvis logo in place of the 'Gear Keeper' logo but they're identical products. Please email us ( if this is an issue. 



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2 Reviews

Kenny Sep 25th 2021

Strong enough for a child, but perfect for a large Net!

This IS the landing net retractor that you’re looking for. Yes, it’s pricey but wow. I have zero doubt it will outlive my fishing career. A solid one pound of consistent force teams well with even a large landing net. I can now redeploy or possibly eliminate my magnet with confidence. You will not be disappointed by this product.

Mark Sep 17th 2021

A real workhorse

This fantastic net retractor is a gift from the gods: simple, reliable, tough, and will continue to play tug of war with your net forever. I have been using this kind of retractor for a few years now and initially I was most impressed at its ability to actually retract heavier nets. You can easily lock it when navigating heavy brush or unclip it if you want to take it off your pack. I think the price point is pretty solid. Compared to the trouble magnets give you, including dirt accumulation (those pesky iron shavings), and malalignment when trying to replace the net on your back (especially if you have shoulder or flexibility issues) this product rocks!

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