Glo brite floss


Glo Brite floss is an all fluorescent color lineup. It is perfect for hot spot tags, collars, and ribbing if counter ribbed.

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Tom Welsch Dec 29th 2020

Glo Brite Fl Chartreuse

Excellent quality, effective at attracting fish.

Al Agelwei Sep 16th 2020

Glow brite

Good stuff. I agree with all the reviews I’ve read. Fl orange, fl hot pink, fl chartreuse, and fl red are always on my bench. Fl chartreuse make a great peeking Caddis when covered with uv resin. Fl orange and pink make great tags on blow torches, Tasmanian devils, etc. the red I use for one purpose. I use it when tying squirmy wormys. (YOU TIE THEM TOO!!!). Glow brite is thicker than other threads and when tied flat, it will not cut the wormy material. Will it make the worm bullet proof? NO!! Nothing will. But you won’t slice your worm in half while tying.

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