Hanak H 500 BL Allround barbless hook

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Curved hook that is good for scud/Czech nymphs or trailer hooks for articulated flies

  • Medium wire
  • Short shank
  • Straight eye
  • Extra long needle point
  • Bent-in point
  • Barbless
  • Hi-carbon chemically sharpened
  • Color: Black Nickel
  • 25 per pack
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1 Review

Ian Marine Feb 6th 2021

Sticky point, incredibly strong.

Very identical to the Riberfly All Around. Thicker gauge wire and very sharp point. These hooks hold fish extremely well. A little more pricey than the Riberfly, however, I definitely recommend them for the stronger wire if that's what you're after. Love the shape of this hook. Truly a universal hook with exceptional strength. Currently filling a nymph box with these hooks and I couldn't be happier.

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