Hends Perdigon Tinsel Fine (1/69")

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An extremely fine flash, similar in diameter to a strand of flashabou, Hends Perdigon Tinsel is designed to make ultra-slim bodies on your nymphs but works wonderfully as a rib as well!

Available in a wide array of fishy colors

Note: These spools are significantly smaller than normal thread spools and don't fit most bobbins, we tie in a single strand and palmer it rather than applying it like thread with a bobbin  

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2 Reviews

Matt Mar 5th 2023

Perdigon galore

I love using this for about every perdigon I tie. 233 is my favorite. If you stretch it, it changes colors so go easy if you want the color on the spool. I keep mine on a loose bobbin holder.

Yeager St John Aug 18th 2021

Cool product

Cool product - worked well for some thin-body perdigons I was making. Not 100% sure it's any better or different than buying flashabou, but it's cheap enough to add to my ever-growing collection of supplies so whatever

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