Jan Siman Net Back Foil

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A great material for shellbacks. The graphic pattern creates a great element of realism. Perfect for stoneflies or Czech nymphs. My friend Gilbert Rowley turned me on to this material after seeing it as part of his Rowley Stone.

Note: Because Jan Siman often takes months to fulfill orders, look at the Flybox UK HD Nymph Foil as well. It is identical.

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1 Review

Larry Jan 18th 2019

Supreme Stoneflies

I've made stoneflies based on a number of formulas, but none look better or are more effective than those I make using this net foil for the backs of the bugs. In many cases, flies that look amazingly like the real bug don't work as well as flies that are flashier or more suggestive in terms of their movement in the water. Not so with net foil stoneflies. When the bugs are hatching, throw one of these and start counting the fish you've caught. Excellent product -- delivered as quickly as ever by Tactical Fly Fisher.

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