Jan Siman Peacock Dubbing

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This is the original peacock substitute dubbing that is partly responsible for the fame of the Jan Siman brand. All of the colors have an awesome blend of fibers that produce a buggy look featuring multiple colors. Use in place of peacock herl or for any other nymph need that you have.

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2 Reviews

Mike Apr 22nd 2019

Worth the extra 2 bucks

I really like the short fibers on this product. The dubbing is also finer than the Hairline peacock dub. Great looking thorax and collars.

Mckae Bumgarner Nov 9th 2018

Good for small dubbing collars

This dub in my opinion has shorter fibers than the hareline product ive used mostly in the past, which i have found to dub better when trying to get small and tight dubbing collars.

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