Loon Rigging Foams

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Sturdy, reusable housing for rigs using multiple nymphs, dry dropper set ups, or a single dry on a leader, allowing for pre-rigging and quick changes on the water.


Rig fly or flies as desired for fishing; insert hook into foam, then wrap leader/tippet around Rigging Foam. You can also cut a slit in the rim with tying scissors or a razor blade and store pre-knotted tippet sections.

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2 Reviews

Jim Wilkins Aug 18th 2018

Loon Rigging Foams

I've used these rigging foams before when I fish with my tenkara rod and want to change line lengths. I had read where Devin would have a number of different rigs already attached and change them out when conditions changed. That's what I plan on doing with them. Easy to use...pretty much bombproof and will add some new found organization to my fly fishing.

Alex Mar 21st 2018

Very Convenient!

Great for changing pre tied rigs quickly!

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