Maxima Chameleon Leader Wheels

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I use Maxima Chameleon for making custom leader butt sections. Its stiffness promotes great energy transfer. This allows me to fish thinner butt sections but still achieve leader turnover. Thinner butt sections weigh less so they sag less when being held off the water while European-nymphing or high sticking. 

-Each leader wheel contains 27 yards of material.

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2 Reviews

Jerry Snyder May 15th 2019

Maxima Chameleon Leader material

Great leader material for making Euro style leaders which will when stretched, will lay flat and not retain memory. Comes in various pound tests which allows the maker to formulate lighter leaders to meet the needs of the fishing day. Great stuff.

Brandon Harrison Nov 28th 2017

Leader Material

Maxima material has great durability and knot strength. The leaders we make last for many months and can easily be changed as required for the season.

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