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MFC Barred Sexi-Floss (small and medium)

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One of the the greatest fly tying innovations of the modern era. These spandex legs from MFC will not rot in your box over time, come with a fishy black barring and an array of beautiful colors. The idea of "a superior wiggle" is a bit abstract, but spandex legs of this sort have (in our opinion) the highest-grade wiggle available. 

Come for the durability, stay for the life-like appearance. 

  • Size: Medium or small
  • see also Life-Flex:


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3 Reviews

Matt Mar 5th 2023

Love these on anything I want legs on.

Far superior product compared to what I have used. The small seems like the perfect size for just about everything. Best legs for foam dries. I have every color and I use them all. These will not add to your pile of unused materials. I restock these often.

James Timmins Mar 24th 2021

Barred Sexi-Floss

My first experience with this product. Seems to be stronger than other rubber leg material, but may not be quite as "lively" as the thinner rubber legs. Have not tried it in the water yet.

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