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Modern Nymphing Elevated: Beyond the Basics DVD


In their first video, Modern Nymphing, Devin Olsen and Lance Egan shared the techniques, gear, rigging and expertise that have propelled them to competitive fly fishing success.  Gilbert Rowley boosted the project with his film making acumen, and in so doing, set the bar for instructional fly fishing videos.  The stunning camera work, concise instruction and captivating action has motivated thousands of anglers to become versed in these European inspired techniques.  Modern Nymphing provided a foundation on which advanced nymphing techniques can be learned.
In this video, Devin and Lance elevate your nymphing with thorough instruction and theory to advance your understanding and effectiveness on the water.  Casting, common drift mistakes, arm & rod positioning, managing line & leader, sighter angles, strike detection, drift principles, stream positioning, approach, and many other elements are meticulously covered to provide an in-depth nymphing masterclass.  This project was filmed on public water of various types including technical, heavily fished tailwater and freestone rivers.  The principles and theorem presented in this comprehensive video are sure to improve your enjoyment and success on the water. 

If you would prefer a digital download of the film instead, you can find it on Vimeo at this link https://vimeo.com/ondemand/modernnymphingelevated/262706224

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mark Jun 8th 2021

no substitute for being there!

i very much enjoyed this video as a compliment to Devin’s book and all the clips and shorts i was able to find on youtube and the TFF blog page. you can read a book 100 times and sometimes still not see things the way the author intended; also, if you are observant you can see tons of things off script: certain movements of the rod, unhooking and releasing fish, how the gents are geared up to solve various problems of efficiency and function etc. highly recommend!

Dennis Love Mar 20th 2021

Modern Nymphing Elevated: Beyond The Basics

I purchased the 1st DVD, Modern Nymphing: European Inspired Techniques, and was concerned I would be getting too much duplication. However, the first video was foundational covering most aspects of European nymphing on a get-in-the-water and get started fishing. This DVD provided more detail for correcting mistakes that will occur from casting, drifts, and setting the hook from strikes. Many of the mistakes made stem from the rigging differences between European nymphing rods and rigs verses conventional drifting with a weight forward line and indicator. This DVD expounds on why the European cast and drift are different and what to do about it. It also covered other details such as approaching the fish and body position in the stream. Devin will cover a topic, then Lance will cover the same topic—both adding similarities but differences, as each may have slightly different fishing methods. I am glad they continued this DVD with Keys to Success, text popups to reinforce what they are speaking and demonstrating. The photography is amazing and with each topic covered, demonstrations are fished on different types of water such as pockets, riffles, and pools.

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