Olsen's Straggle Stone (Magneto variation)

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For those of you who've been waiting for my Magneto Stone to be commercially available, Umpqua started producing them for the 2018 season. Go show them to your local steelhead or trout as both love to eat them.

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1 Review

CarlT Nov 12th 2018

Magneto The Magnificant

Decided to purchase a few of these after having success with the brown variation of the straggle stone. Fished this pattern for the first time over the weekend. Hit the trifecta when fishing the first run. Landed a Brown, Brookie and Rainbow. Next thing I knew, anglers from both the upstream and downstream sides of me made it a point to walk past to if they could figure out why I was “catching” and they were “re-rigging”.

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