Orientsun 5240 Barbless Wide Gap Jig Nymph Hook and 5241 heavy wire

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These are very good barbless hooks. They have great quality steel, a shape that holds fish, and an affordable price. The 5240 is a good substitute for the Hanak 450. We now carry a heavy gauge wire version in sizes 14-18 as well to hold up to larger fish and snags. 

  • Standard wire
  • Standard shank length
  • Sizes 10-18. The smaller sizes are about a half size larger than labeled.
  • Upturned point
  • 25 hooks per pack


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6 Reviews

Alex Argyros May 3rd 2019

Orientsun 5241 Hooks

I have the good fortune of fishing for rather large trout. These hooks penetrate beautifully and I have not had one bend on me. Furthermore, I have lost fewer fish on these hooks than with any other jig hook. I will buy some more.

Ahren May 1st 2019

Great Hook

This hook has similar geometry to Hanak Superb but $3 less. Have never bent or broken one on a fish but they do bend when snagged and abused which is expected. Have used them about a year now and can recommend them highly. Closest thing to a circle type hook in a nymph hook size 14-16 that I have found. Not sure they set any deeper per my testing but may improve hook ups with wider gap. Fast shipping and great customer service

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