Orientsun 5240 Barbless Wide Gap Jig Nymph Hook and 5241 heavy wire

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These are very good barbless hooks. They have great quality steel, a shape that holds fish, and an affordable price. The 5240 is a good substitute for the Hanak 450. We now carry a heavy gauge wire version in sizes 14-18 as well to hold up to larger fish and snags. 

  • Standard wire
  • Standard shank length
  • Sizes 10-18. The smaller sizes are about a half size larger than labeled.
  • Upturned point
  • 25 hooks per pack


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9 Reviews

Jeff Hollamon May 7th 2020

Size 16 Heavy Wire Jig Hook

This is a big / strong size 16 hook for fly tying. The hook doesn’t bend when in the vise like most small lighter wire hooks.

Taylor Apr 26th 2020

Solid nymph hooks at a great price

I purchased a few packs of the 5240 and fished them this weekend. I was fishing a smaller river with a lot of underwater brush and fallen trees. The hooks are sharp and sticky. Even after fishing the size 16 with a 3.0 bead and hitting a few snags, the point remained sharp. It may have been my imagination but it seemed like these hooks were easier to get unsnagged when hitting underwater wood. My thought is that the wider gap allows the bead to drop a little farther than normal when positioning yourself above the snag and repeating the pull-drop action that Devin teaches in his second nymphing film. The hooks also set true and hold. I'll definitely be incorporating this hook in my tying more regularly. Solid nymph hook.

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