Orientsun 5240 Barbless Wide Gap Jig Nymph Hook and 5241 heavy wire


These have long been one of our favorite jigs! Great hook gap, excellent finish, strength and fish retention. Excellent as an alternative to the H450 or F415

The 5241 is a hook that we carry exclusively on our site, the same geometry as the 5240 but with a heavy gauge wire for outsized fish

  • Standard wire
  • Standard shank length
  • 2x gap
  • Sizes 10-18. The smaller sizes are about a half size larger than labeled.
  • Upturned point
  • 25 hooks per pack


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11 Reviews

Scott Kavanagh Dec 9th 2020

OrientSun Hooks

First heard of the brand on Brownsylvania YouTube channel. Great hooks and reasonably priced. I recently made a second order. Thanks.

Tony King Aug 26th 2020

Nice hook

May be my new favorite....

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