OrientSun 7224 Barbless Nymph Hook

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These are fantastic nymph hooks. Great quality steel, a shape that holds fish very well, and an affordable price. I've been substituting this hook for the Hanak 230 since April 2017 and have been very happy with it.

  • 1x strong wire
  • Upturned point
  • Standard shank length
  • 25 hooks per pack

Note: OrientSun labels this hook a dry fly and nymph hook but the wire is too heavy for most dry fly applications in my opinion. Currently available in sizes 8-16 but 6 may be added in the future.

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Hook size 6-16 *

9 Reviews

George Williams Sep 29th 2021


Probably the only hook I will ever buy in size 14

Randy Jan 1st 2021

OS 7224 size 16

Good value hooks. OS 7224 Size 16 same size as Firehole 633 size 18 1XL 2XG.

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