Orientsun 7251 Barbless Heavy Scud/Czech Nymph Hook

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These are very good barbless hooks. Great quality steel, a shape that holds fish very well, and an affordable price. The 7251 is good for scuds, caddis, and Czech nymph patterns and for larger fish given its heavier wire. It is also a good carp fly hook.

  • 1x strong wire
  • 1x short shank
  • Offset point
  • Sizes 8-16
  • 25 hooks per pack
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1 Review

John Laudenslager Sep 19th 2019

OrientSun 7251

I second Devin's general description. Compared to current batches of my old favorite TMC 2457 scud hooks, these hold point sharpness better. They seem a size larger for same size number compared to 2457s. Nice.

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