Peacock Parachute Madame X (a.k.a. The PMX)

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"This is absolutely, positively, in my opinion, the best summer time attractor dry fly for trout. Not fishing this pattern is a serious mistake, grab a few and see what you think!" - Connor

The classic Parachute Madame X (PMX) dry fly in its fishiest peacock version, an excellent choice if you have fish feeding on cadddis, ants, beetles, cicadas, hoppers, green drakes or any other terrestrial or large summer time insect. Lots of patterns seek to achieve maximum flotation by piling on foam, the PMX floats like a cork by using natural materials and highly intelligent design (parachute, rubber legs, hackle through the body, etc...). Make sure you keep your powder floatant handy for maximum floatation longevity. 

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